Grief Counseling

Loss happens to everyone and what often comes with that loss is the feeling of grief.  We all experience grief in different ways. Some of us can describe grief as a mix of different emotions that need to be sorted out. Others, after experiencing a loss, feel that their world has flipped on its axis and they need a little help finding which way is up again. That’s where a grief counselor comes in.

There are many different types of loss a person can experience. From the death of a loved one to a failed relationship. A person can experience over 40 losses throughout their life and giving these feelings of grief time doesn’t help them go away. Talking to someone that can help navigate these difficult emotions may be the only way to truly overcome the grief that comes with loss. Talking to a grief counselor may help those dealing with loss start down a road of recovery. A grief counselor in Houston, TX can offer insight to where grief stems from and helpful ways of overcoming it.

Grief is a reaction that a person experiences to any kind of emotional loss. It is completely normal and a part of human nature. The problem with most when they encounter grief is that they look for an intellectual way for dealing with an emotional problem. For example, those who are grieving are told that busy work will help, or that trying to quickly replace what was lost would lessen the pain. However, these are just a few myths that don’t address the underlying problem when it comes to dealing with grief and is ultimately unhelpful. The myth that the grief will fade with time leads a person to believe that waiting out the pain will make it go away. However, there are some who can wait years without any relief from their grief. In these cases, time didn’t heal the person, it simply compounded their pain. Coping with grief in this manner can keep a person from fully healing and could have an impact on their capacity for happiness in the future.

The counselors’ solution to overcoming loss is by finding everything in that relationship that wasn’t communicated and finally expressing those things. Coming to terms with the pain caused by the loss that was experienced will allow us to put to rest any residual feelings and finally let it all go. Dealing with grief this way allows for the conclusion of that loss to be written so that the grievers can finally move on to the next chapter.

Dealing with loss is hard and grief is just a natural response to it. Avoiding those unhelpful myths about grief can help a person seek out the support they need. According to grief counselors in Houston, TX, “the actions you take during your grief is what actually helps you heal.”

Counseling is one such action that can help a person experiencing these emotions come to terms with the loss. They will be guided through useful grief counseling techniques so that they can make a full recovery and can accept the loss they’ve experienced and learn to move forward with their life.


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