Chris Brown Officially Diagnosed With Bi-Polar Disorder, Severe Insomnia & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Chris Brown has been known for his anger-fueled incidents over the years, and new court documents today revealed the real reason behind them: Chris is battling bipolar disorder, severe insomnia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Chris appeared in court earlier for a progress hearing on his probation, and the main topic was his recent 95-day stay of his required 90-day sentence of anger management therapy. The official report from the rehab facility wrote that in addition to the bombshell diagnosis, Chris was self-medicating inappropriately.

The letter goes on to reveal that Chris is now on the appropriate medications for the bipolar disorder and other conditions, has learned various relaxation exercises and is doing really well. “Mr. Brown’s attitude has been beyond exemplary in regard to his community service responsibilities,” it adds.

Wow, this is major! I’m so glad Chris got the help that he needed and hopefully it’s all up from here!

Marisa Mendez

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